Legal Compliance Software

Implement governance and reduce regulatory compliance cost. Handle organizational and vendor contract risks. Manage multiple standards required for GRC objectives and business competitiveness. End to end legal and compliance solution to execute corporate strategy coupled with changing regulations.

Legal compliance solution

Be compliant with statutory, regulatory, or internal process-centric requirements. Invite and manage external consultants during audit period.

Holistic Business Analysis

Single solution for any verticals

Analyze risk factor with transparency for multiple industries within organization based on macro and micro economic indicator mapped to single library, for compliance officer to review and make decisions. Modular and bespoke legal technology solution to support individual situation. Start with predefined templates and governance law or customize to suit your requirements.

Governance Risk Compliance solution

True Compliance

Reports and Dashboard

True picture of compliance standing across different departments, locations, and BU. Calculate and publish scores based on custom formula and industry benchmark. Manage sustainability indicators for corporate responsibility. Integrate compliance data with line of business applications to preserve data lineage, improve insight and analytics.

Legal operations software

Reviews and Updates

Register, Inspections and Obligations

Record governing laws and ordinances to derive obligations for subsidiaries. Validate those obligations are fulfilled and reported for management decision making. Schedule inspections and maintain historical workorder logs. Documentation for any compliance questions. AI powered search center to access help files and forms based on metadata and full text.

Regulatory compliance solution

Legal Reviews

Updated Regulations and Requirements

Critical date notifications to check for changes in governance. Update objectives across company and keep stakeholders informed. Dashboard to display status details and tasks which needs immediate attentions. Save outgoing email communications and activities with authorities as journal. Streamline workflow and create tasks to offer compliance as service to business.

Legal ops and compliance solution

Frequently Asked Questions

Legally all companies must adhere to mandatory to local, state and federal regulatory obligations. There are also industry and company regulations must be fulfilled for best practices and corporate governance.

Legal technology to assist compliance officers to create, monitor and comply with all regulations on company, department, and BU level. Compliance software must be transparent in handling any non-compliance reported and identified.

ContractPrime is a legal ops solution for in-house and general counsel. Contract Management, Compliance, and Legal Library are products available. Compliance module can be customized for any industry and verticals to handle any regulations and obligations.

Changing regulations is a challenge to keep parties updated and trained. Blogs, articles, news, and training video can be created in ContractPrime Legal Library with reference to regulations. Users can refer to the legal library on demand and discuss with counterparts and compliance officers.