Legal Library

Knowledge Management for inhouse lawyers and general counsels. Curate, categorize and present information to legal and business users to make informed decisions. 

Legal library and Legal Operation

Connect content consumers with librarians, and content creator by reference service or as on demand legal research service.

Know your clients

Current Awareness

Update lawyers on latest happenings about counter parties and clients. Collect information from social media, and news sites on client activities, their competitor details, and reputations. Any triggers that might affect our client now or in future will be notified to responsible parties by weekly email digest or available in legal library portal. Lawyer will be fully prepared for any client meetings by personalized news feed managed by individual subscription.

Legal library as Knowledge Management

Legal Research Library

Create Knowledge Repository

Create and publish different content types like regulations, statutory & court rules, blogs, news, judgements with head notes, and arbitration materials. Categorize by practice area, federal and state material, or business units. Integrate with third party content providers to create contents in the library, automatically based on keywords or business rules.

Legal research inhouse lawyers

Ask the librarian

Community and collaborative editing

Users can submit legal research request for knowledge management team. Discussion forum integrated with Microsoft Teams allows knowledge sharing to be happen on ad hoc basic. Review a judgement, invite experts to comment and collect the reviews as headnotes. Content can be edited, sent for validation, and approved to guarantee context correctness and legality.

Inhouse lawyers and legal library

Legal Dictionary

Precedents, Clauses, and Templates

Contract automation relies on library to insert context based on business requirements. Maintain updated clauses required for drafting the contracts, like exclusion clause, force majeure, integration clause or indemnity for liquidation damages. Any to the library changes will trigger governance approval, so contract automation always uses the latest and best condition precedents.

Legal library for General Counsel