Bank-grade Document Security

Legal requests to contract creation are secured and protected. Process and documents must be available for viewing and editing only to contract team members, both internal and external.

Contract security and access rights

Security Policies

Enterprise level security for customers during entire CLM journey across any devices.

Business Continuity Plan

Data and application is replicated across multiple geographically distributed datacenter. Contract documents are never stored in ContractPrime and always hosted in client Office 365 tenant.  Your contract process will available round the clock with no downtime

Business Continuity Plan BCP for Contracts

GDPR and PDPA Compliance

Comply to local and industry obligation in handling personal identification information obtained from client and counterparties. Include clauses that suits you from the precedent bank tailored to governance needs

GDPR and PDPA Compliance

Data Retention

ContractPrime DMS allows administrators to set delete permission on user or role level. Contract owners can restore from recycle bin when contents are accidentally deleted. ContractPrime also periodically purges data which is not required to support your process or business. Set ILM policies based on contract types.

SOC2 and SOC3 compliance for CLM


ContractPrime is SOC3 certified since its inception

Contract Team Permissions

Documents and contract solution is accessible only by clients and team members invited during CLM process. ContractPrime employees do not have access to client documents and activities are audited by third party risk management team

Contract solution permission management

Security Infrastructure

End to end encryption

Request to contract application is encrypted will SSL termination. TLS 1.2 is used as default transport protocol. Data is encrypted in server and right management applied to locally saved documents

End to end encryption

Operational security

Security team performs penetration and stress test from different geographies and our engineers are constantly looking for vulnerabilities. Internal governance guarantees separation of duties are followed including managing services, IT assets, system redundancy and documentation of system and process changes

Operational security

Contract Security and Compliance

Talk to us to understand our change management policies and continuous improvement of risk assessment so your business is protected. ContractPrime will be your legal process partner to support any workflow and solutions

Contract Security and Compliance

Contract Security

Bank grade security for your documents. ContractPrime on secure Azure and AWS network with SOC 3 compliance guarantees business continuity process. Contracts are secure in repository with governance applied.