Contract Software for Human Resources

Simplified solution to track responsibilities, obligations, deliverables and activities of employees and contractors from one centralized location, eliminating need for manual tracking by receiving automated notifications for important milestones, ensuring you never miss a renewal or expiration date. 

HR Contract Management software uses AI to simplify your contracting process, giving you an easy and user-friendly experience.

Contract management solution for HR team

Simplifying contracts for employee-first organization

Exceptional service to employees and contractors to deliver organization responsibilities and obligations to the workforce. Contract solution for HR to actively manage employment contracts and implement compliance triggered by automated workflow.

HR CLM software on Microsoft 365

Contract offer letter, employee handbook, new policy sign-off to staffing agreements, all accessible and monitored in one central location. Automate contracts faster ensuring compliance with labor regulations and company mandates.

Best internal collaboration platform for streamlining HR Contracts

HR department handles employee personal information and must comply with GDPR regulations in protecting the PI data. Legal DMS to handle confidential documents and records as per industry governance requirements.

collaborative contracting

Collaborative Contracting

Coauthor contract documents with other departments like finance, compliance, and IT. Generate agreements from preapproved clauses, terms, and conditions. Contract management software customized to HR team requirements.

automated workflow

Automated Workflow

Get approvals and collect digital signatures from employees and managers using contract workflow software. Customize steps and approvers based on employment title and type.

Document repository

Document repository

Automate employment contract creation based on templates and save in contract repository. Machine learning enabled search to identify documents.

actionable insights

Actionable Insights

Measure metrics and report KPI of employee contract performance in an easy Dashboard. Analyze performance data for hidden risks, and continuous process improvements.

Types of HR Contracts

ContractPrime is preconfigured with the following templates to get started immediately.

Employment Letter

Also known as a job offer letter, the legal document that outlines the terms and conditions of an employment offer. It typically includes details such as the position being offered, the start date, salary, benefits, and other relevant information.

Employee Handbook

A document that outlines the policies, procedures, and expectations of an organization. It typically includes information on company culture, employee benefits, disciplinary procedures, and other important information relevant to employees. Employees must acknowledge to have read the handbook.

Non-Disclosure Agreements (NDAs)

A legally binding contract that prohibits employees, vendors, partners, or contractors from disclosing confidential information. NDAs are often used to protect trade secrets, confidential business information, and other sensitive data.

Hr employee letter book
Hr Performanace reviews

Performance Reviews

Employee’s job performance assessment over a given period. They typically include feedback on areas where the employee is excelling, as well as areas where improvement is needed.

Non-compete Clauses and Agreements

Binding contract that prohibits an employee from working for a competitor or starting a competing business for a certain period after leaving their current employer. These agreements are often used to protect a company’s trade secrets, customer relationships, and other proprietary information.

Benefits of HR department Contract solution

Time savings

Time savings

By automating and streamlining the contract management process, Contract software can save HR departments a significant amount of time and reduce the administrative burden of managing contracts.

Increased efficiency

Increased efficiency

With Contract Management Software, HR departments can more efficiently manage contracts, from initial drafting to final approval and signature. This increased efficiency based on contract automation can lead to faster turnaround times and better overall contract management.

Improved compliance

Improved compliance

Contract Management Software can help HR departments ensure compliance with relevant laws, regulations, and company policies by providing greater visibility into contract terms and renewal dates.

Better risk management

Better risk management

By providing greater visibility into contract terms and clauses, Contract Management Software can help HR departments identify potential risks and proactively manage them, as required by the organization governance team.  Solution offers alternate precedents suggested by AI based on previously accepted conditions for similar contract types.

Enhanced collaboration

Enhanced collaboration

Contract Management Software can facilitate better collaboration between different departments, employees and contractors involved in the contract management process, resulting in better communication and faster contract execution.

cost savings

Cost savings

By reducing the time and resources required to manage contracts, Contract Software can help HR departments save money and improve their bottom line while always being compliant.

Greater accuracy

Greater accuracy

Eliminate errors and inconsistencies in contracts by providing contract automated tools for drafting, reviewing, and approving contracts. Machine language assisted contract review can help HR department negotiate outside vendor contracts with confidence.

Streamlined hiring process

Automate tasks like creating and sending offer letters, collecting signatures, and storing documents in one central location like legal document management solution. With fewer manual processes, you’ll be able to save time and improve the efficiency of your hiring process.

HR Contract Management Software on Microsoft 365

Managing employee contracts can be a daunting task for HR teams, especially when dealing with a large number of employees. ContractPrime’s HR Contract Management Software on Microsoft 365 offers a solution to this challenge.

Built on top of the powerful collaboration platform SharePoint, ContractPrime’s software provides an easy and efficient way to manage employee contracts. With ContractPrime, HR teams can store, manage, and track employee contracts in a centralized and secure location. The software also allows for the creation of custom workflows, making the contract management process even more streamlined.

HR Contract Management Software on Microsoft 365

One of the key benefits of using ContractPrime’s HR Contract Management Software on Microsoft 365 is the ability to automate tasks related to contract management. This not only saves time and reduces errors but also ensures compliance with legal requirements and company policies. The software also offers real-time reporting and analytics, allowing HR teams to track the status of contracts and identify any issues that need to be addressed.

Another advantage of ContractPrime’s software is that it integrates seamlessly with other Microsoft 365 apps, such as Outlook and Teams. This means that HR teams can access and manage contracts from within the applications they use every day, without having to switch between multiple tools.

Overall, ContractPrime’s HR Contract Management Software on Microsoft 365 is a comprehensive and user-friendly solution for managing employee contracts. By leveraging the power of SharePoint and other Microsoft 365 apps, ContractPrime provides HR teams with the tools they need to streamline their contract management processes and improve their overall efficiency.

Why ContractPrime for HR team

  1. Compliant contract assembly in few clicks
  2. Employment contract compliant with legislative policies
  3. Obtain approvals from department heads on offer letter
  4. Collect digital signature from employees
  5. Legal document solution for clause management
Contract assembly for Human Resources

Frequently Asked Questions

Software can manage a variety of HR contracts, including employment contracts, offer letters, benefits agreements, confidentiality agreements, and more.

HR departments compliance with regulations is made easy and software can maintain audit trails by providing features such as electronic signatures, version control, and customizable workflows.

Yes, CLM software can automate HR contract processes such as renewal reminders, expiration alerts, requesting latest employee details and document tracking to save time and reduce errors.

ContractPrime's CLM integrates with other HR systems and software, including HRIS, ATS, and CRM platforms.

Contract data security is guaranteed through various measures such as rights management, encryption, access controls, and secure Azure hosting. Documents are saved in SharePoint online and OneDrive for Business.

ContractPrime's software offers features for automating processes, reducing errors and delays, increasing visibility and transparency, and providing customizable reporting and analytics.  The cloud solution allows multiple HR team members to access and collaborate on contracts in real-time, which can improve communication and efficiency.