Contract Management to Legal Ops

Digital platform for in-house teams. Set up in minutes and transform your legal department to provide full contract visibility and control.

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Simplicity in Contract Lifecycle Management

Collaboration platform for your legal team, business users, employees, vendors, and external law firm


Contract Management Software

ContractPrime Cloud Legal Ops Platform

Digital transformation of legal operations. Operational workflow for contract self-service, matter management, legal budget tracking and compliance governance

Contract solution for your organization requirements


Client onboarding can be automated. Sync employee data from HR systems and generate employment contracts and handbook. Manage legal obligations to stay top on contract renewals, compliance requirements and terminations. Obtain legally binding digital signature from contract and permanent employees on NDA and agreements.


Pull sales data from CRM to automatically generate sales contracts personalized to sales team requirements. Integrated with Dynamics CRM, HubSpot and Salesforce. Route contracts for approval or automatically approve based on workflow rules. Share the contract with customers for online negotiation on ContractPrime collaboration platform.


Extend contract management to legal ops. Automate tasks for organization, industry and legal compliance and track escalations. Implement GDPR and PDPA by automatically creating documents to be signed by employees handling sensitive data. Self-execute compliance contracts with no user interaction and data integrated with line of business applications.


Give full control to finance team on contract data for further analysis and risk. Unlock contract data to minimize risk and increase visibility into executed contracts. Identify contract risks like overruns, indemnity clauses, cost overruns and business risks. Search contracts by contract terms, and filter by metadata and tag documents for further analysis.

One solution for all your Contract needs

End-to-end contract platform for your enterprise legal operation needs

Legal team software on Cloud


Self-service contracts creation with document automation and assembly. Manage Contract templates, precedents, and clauses in Microsoft Word. Avoid missing terms and errors is reference
Business users auto generate contracts by answering questions configured by legal department. Ensure legal compliance by using the latest clauses and update contract documents triggering approval flow.

Editing and Collaboration

Redline feature available for internal and counterparties. Client portal brings true digital contract management to your contract team. Share documents, tasks, and intake to external mater team
Avoid email thread for negotiations stage and integrate with Teams for tracking comments on contract documents. Assign tasks to Contract teams and transparency in approval history for regulatory requirements.

Contract Software for inhouse lawyers
Software for legal department

Document Management

Organize contract documents in ContractPrime. Manage versions, audit, track, share and collaborate with external parties. AI powered search to identify documents by metadata. OCR support for full text search of scanned documents Create folders and labels based on Contract type. Store contracts in either clients or contract type hierarchy. Outlook and email integration to extract attachments and save in contract folders.

Execution and Storage

Collect Wet of Digital signature from counterparties. Migrate legacy executed contracts to repository and manage all contracts in single location. Extract compliance requirements from contract documents and configure alert notifications Integrate with business apps like CRM or ERP to create smart contracts without user intervention. Sync data from third party source and create new versions automatically when business rules are updated.

Legal ops solution on Microsoft 365 cloud